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A horror anthology series where the viewer is taken through ghost stories, science fiction adventures, and creepy, unexplained events. Stars: Paul Sparer , Catherine Battistone , John Marzilli , Karen Shall Erotic horror anthology series where the hosts Terence Stamp (in season 1) and David Bowie (in season 2) eccentrically introduce each of the steamy, erotic and often supernatural tales of power, sex, lust, and driving urges. Stars: Terence Stamp, David Bowie, Richard Jutras, Kim Feeney. Votes: 844. 27

The Top 24 Scariest TV Anthology Series 24.) The Hitchhiker (1983 - 1991) 23.) Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters (2018 -) 22.) Monsters (1988 - 1991) 21.) Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1991 - 2000) 20.) Room 104 (2017 -) 19.) 'Way Out (1961) 18.) One Step Beyond (1959 - 1961) 17.) American. The Boris Karloff Mystery Playhouse is a 30-minute US television mystery anthology series, probably produced live. Boris Karloff hosted twelve episodes that aired from September to December 1949. All but five titles appear to be lost. Stars: Boris Karloff, Gus Aubrey, Margaret Bannerman, Harry Bellave American Horror Stories. American Horror Story. Anatomy of a Scandal. Black Mirror. Bloodride. Briarpatch. Channel Zero. Cherish the Day. Creepshow Some are considered classics, some are fairly new, they should all help you get that tingly feeling of a scare. Here are five anime horror anthology series to watch this Halloween season. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (2013-2019) A seven season series, this anthology series covered a lot. Every week at 5 p.m. an old man in a yellow mask shows up at a children's playground and tells them ghost stories based on myths and urban legends of Japanese origin. The man tells the. Dead of Night (1945) helped to popularize the format for horror anthology films—although they had existed as far back as Unheimliche Geschichten(1919) or Waxworks (1924)—and British company Amicus made several such films in the 1960s and 1970s

Beginning in 1971, the long-run Masterpiece Theatre drama anthology series brought British productions to American television. In 2011, American Horror Story debuted a new type of anthology format in the U.S. Each season, rather than each episode, is a standalone story Love, Death & Robots is a Netflix animated anthology series is a collection of short stories that tells a new story each episode. The series spans several different genres including horror, comedy, and science fiction that engage the viewer in stories typically around 15 minutes long

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The Exorcist is one of the greatest horror films ever made. The Fox series that bears its name and premise isn't quite as good (few things could ever be) but it's still an excellent horror story in.. Inside No. 9 is a clever and habitually wry anthology that is no stranger to horror. Little by little, the show is now finding an audience outside the U.K. But anyone looking to narrow down their.. Hallo, Anmelden. Konto und Listen Konto Warenrücksendungen und Bestellungen. Einkaufs- wagen Einkaufswage

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Horror anthologies have been a TV staple for decades, with classic series like One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Of course, like all TV genres, the anthology format.. The horror anthology series is not a new beast or demon or monster under your bed. While many of us fondly remember turning down the volume so we could watch Tales from the Crypt without our parents knowing, that series was far from the first horror anthology show. And of course, horror anthologies existed off-screen, as well. The first half of the 20th century saw an explosion in pulp. Into the Dark is an American horror anthology streaming television series produced for Hulu.The first season premiered on October 5, 2018, and consists of twelve feature-length episodes. Into the Dark was renewed for a second season, which premiered on October 4, 2019, and also consists of twelve episodes.. The series is produced by the television branch of Blumhouse Productions, with founder. Silverwood | Horror | Anthology Series - YouTube. This playlist features all the episodes from: Silverwood, a horror, sci-fi series set in the remote, mountain town of Silverwood, California

The Cryptkeeper, the host of the series, is a pop culture icon, and this series will go down in history as one of the best anthologies to ever air on television. 5 Thriller (1960-1962) - 8.2 The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents may have been the kings of horror anthologies during this era, but this hidden gem is one of the scariest shows to ever air on television An anthology work which, as the name suggests, specializes in one particular genre of fiction. Like your standard anthology, there are no regular characters between stories (at best, you'll have a slew of recurring actors), with the possible exception of a host or narrator who introduces/closes/comments on each story.. The most common genres tackled in these collections are Horror and. MONSTERLAND Trailer (2020) Hulu Horror Anthology SeriesPLOT: Encounters with mermaids, fallen angels, and other strange beasts drive broken people to despera..

A prototype for horror anthology movies, this British film inspired the '90s HBO TV show and embodied the devilish anthology success of Amicus Studios during the '60s and '70s. Stories include: A woman (Joan Collins) murders her husband on Christmas Eve, but as she tries to dispose of the body, she must deal with a maniac dressed as Santa When Esme and her ten-year-old son, Luna, move to a small desert town looking for a fresh start they attract all the wrong kinds of attention. As the locals. Authorised Garritan. Dealer and Best Price Online. We Support Your Stage! 120-day Trial Period & Free Returns. We Support Your Stage Here are some of the most popular horror anthology TV shows, ranked according to their IMDB score. 10 One Step Beyond (1959-1961) - 7.8 Right before The Twilight Zone premiered, this anthology was scaring viewers. Each episode is inspired by real life incidents and crafted into a well told and terrifying story This horror anthology series takes the viewer through ghost stories, sci-fi adventures, and creepy, unexplainable events. Created when an idea for a Creepshow TV anthology got held up in rights..

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Horror Anthology Series: Tidy, Hannah: Amazon.de: Alle Produkte Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen From Beyond the Grave (1974), Trilogy of Terror (1975), Heavy Metal (1981), Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983), Creepshow (1982), The Company of Wolves (1984), Creepshow 2 (1987), Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) and Tales from the Hood (1995) are various horror themed anthologies from the 70s to the 90s Anthology film series are rare compared to their TV and radio counterparts. There have been several attempts within the horror genre to have a franchise with an anthology format, such as with the Halloween franchise where the third film, Halloween: Season of the Witch , was meant to be the beginning of a series of anthology horror films, but due to negative reception that plan was shelved

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  1. Inspired by classic horror anthology shows like TALES FROM THE CRYPT, NIGHT GALLERY and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK, the series whimsically whisks the listener away into dark crevices of reality with a dark sense of humor. In Episode 101, After the Beep, a girl struggling with the death of her parents, is torn about deleting their final voice mail. In the message, she can hear the car crash that killed her parents. When she finally decides to delete the message, she starts receiving.
  2. gly simple quality to them—less the stately, stuffy gothic horror of Hammer, and more a continuation of the.
  3. DEADHOUSE DARK Trailer (2021) Horror Anthology Series PLOT: An anthology of six interconnected horror short films, Deadhouse Dark is anchored by a woman who receives a 'mystery box' from the dark..
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Into the Dark is an American horror anthology streaming television series produced for Hulu. The first season premiered on October 5, 2018, and consists of twelve feature-length episodes. Into the Dark was renewed for a second season, which premiered on October 4, 2019, and also consists of twelve episodes Little Hope (2020) Plattform (en) Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. Genre (s) Survival Horror. The Dark Pictures Anthology ist eine Serie von interaktiven Survival-Horror -Spielen; produziert von Supermassive Games und herausgebracht von Bandai Namco Holdings

The Silver Coin #1 Brings Bloody Terror to the Image Comics Horror Anthology Image Comics' horror anthology series The Silver Coin kicks off with Michael Walsh and Chip Zdarsky's bloodthirsty standalone story. By Sam Stone Published Apr 09, 202 In image: Them Poster Amazon Prime Video's Them is a horror anthology series that premiered last week on April 9, 2021. Created by Little Marvin and executive produced by Lena Waithe, the American horror fiction is set in the period of 1953 Los Angeles America

Series of Frights is a recurring column that mainly focuses on horror in television. Specifically, it takes a closer look at five episodes or stories — each one adhering to an overall theme. Zu den an das Projekt angeschlossenen Autoren gehört das mit dem NAACP-Preis ausgezeichnete Ehepaar Tananarive fällig (Meine Seele zu behalten, Horror Noire: Eine Geschichte des schwarzen Horrors) und Steven Barnes (Löwenblut), Eisner und Harvey Award-nominierter Schriftsteller, Illustrator und Grafiker Ezra C. Daniels (BTTM FDRS), World Fantasy und Bram Stoker Preisgekrönter Schriftsteller Victor LaValle (Die Ballade von Black Tom, The Changeling) und Emmy and Peabody Award-Gewinner Al. Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video At long last, Amazon has lifted the curtain on Them: Covenant, the upcoming first season of Little Marvin's highly-anticipated horror anthology series. Per Amazon,..

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The uptick in horror anthologies over the last few years has been interesting to deconstruct. Seemingly gone are the days of productions like Tales From the Crypt which always winked at the.. Horror, science fiction, fantasy, and comedy combine in this enjoyable series of stories that channel the tone of the classic '60s TV show -- in part because three of the four tales are remakes of Twilight Zone episodes. Big-name directors like Steven Spielberg, John Landis, and Joe Dante lend their talents

Rod Serling's groundbreaking series is still probably the most renowned anthology show in TV history, and many of its innovative episodes of sci-fi, thriller, out-and-out horror (and others — it's way more versatile than many remember) and 'gotcha!' twists still hold up. What's especially impressive are the range of chill-inducing stories, from the monster-at-large plane madness of. Don't get left behind - Enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to Shudder's full library of films and series for 7 days. Collections; Movies; Series; Shudder TV; svg-menu Join. Log in Try 7 days free. Anthologies. Gather round for the punchy, petrifying, pithy tales in Shudder's selection of anthologies. Creepshow svg-play CREEPSHOW is back, and still the most fun you'll ever have being.

The most common genres tackled in these collections are Horror and Speculative Fiction, since the self-contained nature of each story allows for the brief exploration of more experimental ideas and concepts without having to worry about the need for continuity, allowing the creators to put characters in unwinnable situations or kill everyone off Amazon has released a terrifying trailer for the horror anthology series Them. The show is set in a 1950s suburban Los Angeles neighborhood, where a black family buys a home and moves in, not only shocking the all-white neighbors, but creating a tense and dangerous atmosphere among them. The show also ventures into the supernatural, with the family experiencing strange and scary phenomenon. The HBO horror anthology Tales from the Crypt is based on the EC Comics series of the same name as well as stories from the likes of The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, and more. The show was hosted by the iconic Cryptkeeper, a ghastly character with an unforgettable cackle. Crypt went on for seven seasons and 93 episodes on HBO

Deborah Ayorinde took her role in the new Amazon horror anthology series Them very seriously. In the limited series, she plays Lucky, the matriarch of a Black family living in 1950s In horror there are episodic series, like HBO's Room 104; seasonal anthologies like FX's American Horror Story and films-within-a-feature film, like John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper's Body Bags.. The anthology horror series follows 25-year-old Atticus Freeman, who joins up with his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America to find his missing father. They must survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the malevolent spirits that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback. Love, Death & Robots March 15, 2019. Paris Jackson has been cast in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. The 23-year-old daughter of late pop superstar Michael Jackson will appear in at least one episode of the FX anthology..

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Elsewhere, Shudder has also ordered a new anthology series showcasing Black horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters. Set to debut later this year on Shudder and AMC+, the new series.. Chris Rakotomamonjy presents a high-end vision of horror with this series of expertly produced and compelling vignettes packaged simply as, An Horror Anthology. With a streamlined runtime of 37 minutes, and with plot lines that attractively and sometimes wildly differentiate from one another, these successive short films provide the rapid-fire opportunity for the viewer to tonally and. Most people point to Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, which ran from 1959-1964, as the granddaddy of the modern, network anthology horror series, but it was actually beaten to the punch by about.

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Winterbourne: A Horror Anthology Webseries. 298 likes · 2 talking about this. Winterbourne is an anthology web series set in the small North American.. Horror Hill: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast Chilling Entertainment, LLC & Studio71 Fiction 4.9 • 945 Ratings; A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show stars voice actor / illustrator Jason Hill, and the hand-picked work of dozens of accomplished. The untitled Black horror anthology will debut on Shudder and AMC+ later this year and feature the work of writers Tananarive Due (My Soul to Keep) and Steven Barnes (Lion's Blood), illustrator.. Amazon has released the official trailer for its new horror anthology series titled 'Them,' and let's just say that this one is a must-watch. The first season of the series is set in the 1950s and will speak to racism during the 'The Great Migration'. The Emory family, parents Lucky and Henry and their two daughters Ruby and Gracie move to Compton for a better life. But when they get to know. Them trailer previews Amazon's new horror anthology series. Amazon Prime Video has released the full Them trailer for Little Marvin and Lena Waithe's upcoming horror anthology limited series.

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Homerville: A horror anthology series. 65 likes · 1 talking about this. A series of short horror stories set in the small Central Otago town of Homerville Amazon's New Horror Anthology Series Them Gets Intense First Trailer. The show is co-produced by Westworld's Lena Waithe and it hits Amazon Video on April 9 Constructed from the wood of the Tree of Knowledge, The House moves through time and space, manifesting evil. Step inside its walls in this anthology..

The Black horror series isn't the only anthology show that Shudder has announced this week. The company also confirmed that Creepshow Season 3 will start production shortly, with Season 2 set to. While you can watch all four seasons on the new horror streaming service Shudder, there exists a slew of other horror anthology series that adapts the same cerebral tone and style as Channel Zero. This list compiles 10 such series. They may span decades and range in their approaches to storytelling, but they are all guaranteed to make you think without compromising hair-raising thrills. 10. Phobia - Horror Anthology. 671 likes. PHOBIA is the new web series from Open Sign Productions. Inspired by shows like Twilight Zone, Are You Afraid..

Der Artikel Play By Day: Serienstart der Horror-Anthologie Monsterland bei Hulu wurde von Adam Arndt am Freitag, den 2. Oktober 2020 um 06.00 Uhr erstmalig veröffentlicht. @AwesomeArndt folgen. Shudder announces third season of 'Creepshow' & Black horror anthology series. More horror anthology goodness. By. Nathaniel Muir. on. February 18, 2021. Press Release. Even though the second season of Creepshow is scheduled to release April 1 on Shudder, that did not prevent the horror streaming network from announcing the popular series has been renewed for a third season. The six. Phobia - Horror Anthology. 669 likes. PHOBIA is the new web series from Open Sign Productions. Inspired by shows like Twilight Zone, Are You Afraid.. Die Horror Anthologies-Serie wurde vor über dreißig Jahren von Edo Van Belkom ins Leben gerufen. Zusammengekommen sind seit dieser Zeit zwei Bände. Los ging es mit der Buchreihe schon im Jahr 1988. Im Jahr 2002 erschien der vorerst letzte Teil. Eine andere Reihe von Edo Van Belkom trägt den Titel Non Fiction. Chronologie aller Bände (1-2) Mit dem Buch Be Afraid! Tales of Horror fing die. State of Horror: New Jersey (State of Horror Series) by. Scott M. Goriscak. 4.16 avg rating — 19 ratings. score: 896, and 9 people voted Removed Ricket Row: An Anthology of Creepy Horror Tales by Elyse Salpeter for being a single-author anthology. Also removed Crying through Plastic Eyes by Regina Puckett and Mine by Regina Puckett for being single short stories, not an anthologies.

Kriminalserie von Noah Hawley mit Allison Tolman und Billy Bob Thornton Fargo ist eine Serien-Adaption des gleichnamigen Kultfilms von Joel und Ethan Coen aus dem Jahr 1996. Die Anthologieserie.. Die neue Horror-Anthologie-Serie Them ist am 9. April bei Amazon Prime gestartet. Hier ist unsere Kritik zur Show. Zeitgleich mit den USA ist die neue Horror-Anthologie-Serie, in der Staffel für Staffel eine eigene Geschichte erzählt wird, auch hierzulande bei Amazon Prime gelandet. Momentan gibt es sie aber nur im Original mit deutschen Untertiteln. Eine synchronisierte Fassung wird aber sicherlich noch in den nächsten Monaten folgen. So oder so: Es lohnt sich, die Serie anzusehen Elements of Horror Book Two: Air, is the second in a series of four horror anthologies based on the Elements. Within these pages you will find a variety of stories from some of the best independent horror writers on the scene today. Breathe deeply, as you experience the horrors of twisted serial killers, apocalyptic outbreaks, evil spirits, and much more. Buy here. Elements of Horror Book One. Like any anthology series not all will be homeruns, but I have to say that each episode coming in under or about 15 minutes, packs a really nice punch. This is the kind of content I have been searching for. As a father and husband, squeezing in hour long episodes is hard, but with this series I can scrunch in a few a day

Since Netflix acquired the rights to Black Mirror back in 2015, the streaming world has been a veritable arms race of sci-fi and horror anthology series. Hulu has already tried its hand at horror.. Them is billed as an anthology series where each season will explore terror in America in a different way. The first season exceeds that goal. By taking an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to the racial torture it inflicts on its characters, without giving them room to breathe or the full characterization afforded its white cast, Them is less of allegory about the plight of Black people during the Great Migration and more like 10 straight hours straight of Black trauma porn. The show. The first season of the anthology series, dubbed THEM: Covenant, is set in 1953 and centers on Alfred and Lucky Emory, a couple who decide to move their family from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood. The family's home on a tree lined, seemingly idyllic street becomes ground zero where malevolent forces both real and supernatural threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy. But just because anthology series are often placed in the miniseries category of award shows, that doesn't mean the terms are synonymous. When you hear someone mention the term anthology series about a television show, what this originally meant is that every episode of a continuing TV show resets the narrative. The tone of the series is usually kept, but a new story is.

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März 2020 mit Bloodride eine neue Horror-Anthologie-Serie ex... FILMSTARTS z. B. : American Horror Story , Sherlock , Fargo , The Punishe RELATED: Junji Ito's Horror Manga to Be Adapted As Anime Anthology. Young Keiichi Maebara is spending some time with beloved friends. At first, things seem to be idyllic and peaceful until news of a murder begins to spread. Keiichi's friends soon begin acting strangely. He fears they may even be after his life. The serene setting around him turns dark and terrifying as the story unfolds. Just as the audience feels safe a new horrifying twist begins

We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies - The A-Z of Horror. The series will be based on a variety of themes and will consist of twenty-six books in total. We are looking for short horror stories, between 4000 and 8000 words, on each of the themes listed below. You may submit to more than one book, but we will only include a maximum of one story from each. Synopsis: An erotic horror anthology from British directors (and brothers) Tony and Ridley Scott. Based on contemporary short stories, the series.. 2020 | TV-MA | 1 Season | TV Horror. The doomed passengers aboard a spectral bus head toward a gruesome, unknown destination in this deliciously macabre horror anthology series. Starring: Ine Marie Wilmann, Bjørnar Teigen, Emma Spetalen Magnusson. Creators: Kjetil Indregard, Atle Knudsen One of the first to make its mark was American Horror Story, an anthology show that premiered in 2011. Coming up on American Horror Story season 10 in 2021, Ryan Murphy's show can be credited with heralding the rise of the horror anthology series The untitled Black horror anthology will debut on Shudder and AMC+ later this year and feature the work of writers Tananarive Due (My Soul to Keep) and Steven Barnes (Lion's Blood), illustrator..

A new home becomes a nightmare in latest trailer for Amazon's horror anthology 'Them' Horror stories in which the human monsters are often just as frightening as the supernatural ones have felt especially potent lately, particularly when seen through the eyes of Black creators like Jordan Peele, Misha Green, and now, Little Marvin TVMA • Horror • TV Series • 2020. Encounters with mermaids, fallen angels, and other strange beasts drive broken people to desperate acts in Monsterland, an anthology series based on the collection of stories from Nathan Ballingrud's North American Lake Monsters. 1 season available (8 episodes) Start Your Free Trial In August 2013, American Horror Stories uploaded it's first teaser in honor of the hit FX horror anthology series, American Horror Story. Created by Michael Davis, Zachary Simon, and Jessie Jones, this YouTube fan-made webseries has sparked up over 700+ subscribers and has over 5k hits At long last, Amazon has lifted the curtain on Them: Covenant, the upcoming first season of Little Marvin's highly-anticipated horror anthology series. Per Amazon, Them is a limited anthology.. 2014 entwickelte er zusammen mit Murphy und Brennan Scream Queens, eine Horror-Comedy-Anthologie-Serie des Senders Fox. In der ersten Staffel, die in den USA im Herbst 2015 Premiere feierte und auf einem College-Campus spielt, spielen Emma Roberts , Lea Michele , Abigail Breslin , Keke Palmer und Jamie Lee Curtis mit

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Die Show als Terror-Serie zu bezeichnen, erdet den Horror und rückt den Fokus zuallererst auf die Menschen. Them , das zehnteilige erste Kapitel einer geplanten Horror-Anthologie, startet am 09. April 2021 auf Amazon Prime - natürlich auch in Deutschland Hulu and Blumhouse Television have agreed on a first-of-its-kind deal for a monthly horror anthology. The new series, part of the Hulu Originals slate, will deliver viewers 12 self-contained.. AMC and its horror streaming service Shudder have announced that they are making a new anthology series that will showcase horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters. The series doesn't..

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Monsterland is a horror anthology, but it is not one that will make you jump or look in your closet before you go to sleep at night. This is not a series about monsters in the typical sense Otis Jiry's Scary Stories Told in the Dark: A Horror Anthology Series on Apple Podcasts 196 episodes A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun-off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name

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American Horror Story ist in den USA gerade seine 9. Staffel gestartet. Aus diesem Anlass untersuchen wir, was das Konzept von Anthologie-Serien eigentlich so spannend macht Monsterland horror anthology blurs the lines between humans and monsters. Review: Hulu's psychologically terrifying new creature-feature series will still give you chills even if you end up. Amazon's horror anthology series Them debuts along with Michael B. Jordan in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. By Mat Elfring on March 31, 2021 at 7:27AM PDT. Comments. Amazon Prime Video has a lot. MONOGATARI Series Box Set Season 1 NISIOISIN. 4.9 out of 5 stars 255. Paperback. $95.09 #12. Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Volume II Stephen King. 4.7 out of 5 stars 961. Audible Audiobook. $0.00 Free with Audible trial #13. A Twisted Rejection: A Rejected Mates Anthology BBB Publishings. 3.7 out of 5 stars 56. Kindle Edition. $2.99 #14. Night Shift Stephen King. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,597. Kindle.

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A fun and scary Halloween anthology in the tradition of 80s and 90s horror novels. | Check out 'Sharp Candy - A New Horror Anthology Series' on Indiegogo Stephen King confirmed he and J.J. Abrams are developing a horror anthology series. I talked with J.J. Abrams a lot about a possible anthology series of tiny horrors, King said during a panel about the duo's Apple TV+ mini-series Lisey's Story, according to The Wrap. We got really down and dirty about it and talked about things that were really, really scary The Dark Pictures is a new horror anthology series made by Supermassive Games. The first title, Man of Medan, will be out in 2019 Netflix horror anthology series Bloodride season 1 is an easy sell. We are fast becoming the number 1 independent website for streaming coverage. Please support Ready Steady Cut today. Secure its future - we need you! Become a Patron! For more recaps, reviews and original features covering the world of entertainment, why not follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page? Related. The. Im Oktober feiert die neue Horror-Anthologie Monsterland ihre Premiere bei Hulu. Acht Episoden davon werden dann auf einen Schlag veröffentlicht. Hier ist der Trailer, in dem Kaitlyn Dever die.

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